The Imparting an education integrated with all round development and fostering a global outlook among our students is what our Endeavour has always been along with developing them to empower them to bring a difference for a better tomorrow. Delhi World Public school is all geared up to develop students into global leaders and establish itself as the epitome of learning and liberation. It fills our heart with tranquility and serenity that we will be able to give students, the present of a complete education that is not constrained by the four walls of the classroom but the one that enables them to look beyond it. Breaking walls of detestation, stigmas and building bridges of trust, belief and confidence is what we teach our students. Gifting children an outlook of critical thinking and enabling them to accept new ways, embrace changes and set them out on a journey of discovery, liberation and exploration.

Only a healthy body can support a healthy mind, this is the reason we give equal importance to sports. Professional Sports coaching, physical training and state of the art sports fields and facilities ensure that every child has the best time of their life.

We also acknowledge the role of technology in this dynamic work and thus have integrated technology in our infrastructure by the means of smart classes that teach students the way it's meant to be. We also focus on newer study techniques rather than sticking to age-old obsolete techniques to prepare students for the future.

Moreover, imparting a sound moral education remains a top of the list learning for them. Gifting them with a childhood full of learning, values and zest is what our ultimate focus is. Cultivating eternal values of uncompromising integrity, courage, self-confidence and commitment in them from day one to make them a valuable member of the society and become a true global citizen.

Smt. Sushila Devi

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